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New Horse Tags 2/21

I feel like all we do is post tag questions. But I found these online and took some off previous tags Ivana and I did. My (Dyvergent) answers have changed a lot, I noticed, from when we did tags before.

Purple font: Dyvergent

Orange font: Ivana

1. How long have you been riding?

I’ve been riding for four years. But I never took formal lessons until a year ago.

3 plus years.

2. Favorite color?

Probably bays or dapple/steel greys or tobianos.

I especially pintos or any horse with a contrasting mane/body color (like buckskins or bays)

3. Favorite breed?

AQH, APH, Thoroughbred, any draft breed, a random set of various breeds (there’s a lot).

Paints, rocky mountain horses, thoroughbreds, quarter horses (and a ton of others lol)

4. Why did you get into riding?

My mom made me do a camp  summer of 2011 and I just fell in love with it.

I’ve always sort of wanted to ride a horse but never actually thought of it as a possibility until we did this project and stuff.

5. Most difficult horse you’ve ridden and why.

Zazu? He wasn’t very responsive and he would barge into my space. All the other horses I ride aren’t that hard to ride.

Cece (is that how you spell her name lol) (Dyvergent: it’s cici but close enough) she was an OTTB that wasn’t close to finished and didn’t know a lot and it wasn’t a best situation since I was kind of just riding her in a bit that she shouldn’t have been using.

6. Your dream horse.

Maybe a draft, or an AQH or APH. I’m leaning towards one of the stock horses since I ride western. I’m not that picky to be honest, as long as we click and work well together.

Haha any horse will suffice.

7. First horse you’ve ever ridden?

A cute fleabitten grey quarter horse named Ace. He was a really good horse to start with.

The very first horse was this gigantic chestnut but that doesn’t count all I did was have someone lead it around while I sat on it.

10.  Worst fall?

… Um. Falling off Smokey’s neck while vaulting because I lost my balance? I landed on my feet though…

The worst and only fall I have had was off of Warren (My lease horse) when he slipped and fell.

11. Equestrian pet peeves?

The whole equestrian fashion trend. People who think riding is easy. People who think they can gallop on their first time.

How people think that EVERYONE must follow the same training methods and EVERY HORSE must be trained the same.  And the whole trend where the higher level your horse is the bigger the bit gets.

12. Scariest horse related experience?

My friends moms horse kicked my friends horse and then got loose when I was untack ong her somehow. Then she ran over to the stallion at the ranch. And she had no headgear on (no halter or bridle) so my friend had to take her stirrup (Ivana: do you mean stirrup leather) (whatever)off her saddle and then get her with that. And I don’t know she was really moody.

My first time free lunging a horse (which happened to be the crazy, moody Prima) and she went around galloping and bucking and stuff.


Have I ever…

1. Ridden the opposite discipline?

Yes, once. On my friend’s mom’s mare. The one who got loose. I was riding in western attire, so I got a lot of pinching. But English was fun. And I didn’t fall off when she bucked like crazy while cantering.

(Dyvergent:) Ivana skipped this question but I don’t think she has. She wants to, though.

2. Fallen?

A few times? Mostly while vaulting but once while riding.

once lol

3. Vaulted?

Yes. Vaulting is really fun


4. Showed?

Only student shows.

haha only at schooling shows

5. Got kicked?



6. Bucked?

Not off, but yes. Many of the horses I’ve ridden have bucked while I rode them, like Jupiter, Cisco, and Sekaiya.

Yep…Warren taught me how to sit a good buck lol

7. Barrel raced?

At a fast canter, yes But not at a gallop 😦

Not legitimate barrel racing but close enough

8. Done dressage?

No, I’ve only ridden English once and I just rode around the arena like I would western. And I think she had a close contact? 

I hope to someday!

9. Ridden bareback?

Once in that first camp I did.

With a bareback pad because Warren has a knife for a spine.

10. Ridden a horse taller than 17hh?

How tall is Elko? I think he’s 17 or just over 17hh. MAYBE?

Not sure, maybe.

11. Ridden a horse shorter than 13hh?

Nope. The shortest horse I rode was Pluto or Pedro or Tonto and I don’t think they go down that short.

Probably not

12. Cried because of a horse?

I’ve come very close. Most horses I don’t get to get close enough for bad news hits me hard.


This or That

1. Tall or short?

Hehe tall horses are fun. I like being high off the ground while on a horse. (I’m weird like that) But I don’t really care. 

Medium horse… I like the look of taller horses but I’m short so I can’t mount them lol

2. Horse or pony?

I’d rather have a good ride over a horse a specific size. Unless they’re way too short for me. So I don’t care. Wait……


Pony.  because I call every horse a pony.  I don’t care if your horse is 18 hands tall, it’s a pony to me.

3. Warmblood or draft?

Both! Warmbloods look nicer under saddle but Drafts are awesome too. (You can study while laying on their backs)

Both are awesome, but personally I think Warmbloods look nicer while riding.

4. QH or TB?

QH. I love stock horses. But I might try out Warren (I like that horse though).

How about a QHxTB? (because those are awesome) (Dyvergent: so like an appendix right?)

5. Western or English?

Western. I do mostly western, but I have ridden English once. I think I’m doing during summer camp too (“riders will explore English  riding”)

I want to do both haha, but not quite there yet

6. Trail riding or ring work?

A little bit of both. It’s nice working with horses in a fences arena, and relaxing  to go out on the trails.

I like both but I’ve never really had a fun trail ride since all of my trail rides were either with the whole lesson group and we didn’t do anything fun, or just a walky trail

7. Bareback or with a saddle?

I need to ride bareback again to say; the last time I did bareback was almost 4 years ago.

I love riding bareback…

8. Difficult to ride or push button?

A horse who is a bit of both. Who will listen but still give me a bit of a challenge.

It depends on the day, sometimes I like a challenge, but sometimes I just want to ride.

YAY! That concludes our horse questions we answered (We should really do some other types of posts that aren’t just questions about us). Ivana and I have tried to make a breed book, and maybe we can start writing more about horse breeds again. That is, if we ever get on task and don’t mess around with fonts on Google Docs.

Until next time (Probably more tags), Bye!

Horseback Riding First Times

We decided to write a new post for this blog (finally).  Sorry we haven’t been posting much lately; it’s because we just haven’t had any ideas and our post writing sessions don’t turn out that well.. We finally decided to write about our first experiences horseback riding.

We hope you enjoy this post! 🙂

The first time I rode a horse was not at Garrod Farms. The first time I rode was at another ranch, where my sister’s friend had done a camp. They recommended it for us to try, and my mom made my sister and me try something new for once. The very first day, I didn’t have any clue what I was doing. It was a really basic camp, and I was placed in a beginner camp. Or mostly beginner. I was assigned this flea-bitten grey horse Ace, who I think was a quarter horse. It wasn’t the best ranch around, also a well-known place that did many trail rides as well as numerous summer camps. I don’t exactly remember my first experience riding a horse, but i do remember having no idea what I was doing.. I didn’t know how to get on the horse, how to groom the horse, or how to even steer the horse and get it going. That week of camp was the root of my love for horses. I finally learned how to lead a horse (not well, but well enough to not get stepped on), how to ride at a walk, and experienced my first trot on my third day of camp.

I remember feeling so accomplished after that camp, and wanted to do even more riding. The sad part was, the ranch I had ridden at closed down. It left me without a place to ride. I ended up at Garrod Farms, where Ivana and I both ride at now. My first experience riding there was a trail ride. I invited some family friends as well as my cousins, and we took an hour long trail ride. I remember feeling like I knew everything, except I actually had barely known a single thing still. I was assigned this pony named Corona. When they brought him out, I learned that my horse was a brown and black bay horse with a white star on his forehead. I got help hopping on the horse with the tree-stump mounting block, learned the basics, and went off onto the trails. I remember being disgusted at the horse riding in front of me, who was foreign the entire ride. Little had I known, that was Al, the horse everyone grows to love at Garrod Farms. After that one ride, I have become a much improved riders from Garrod Farms’ lesson and summer camp program.

(this is a really pathetic first time)


My first riding experience was actually in Taiwan, on this huge chestnut horse that really didn’t like me at all.  But I’m not going to talk about that because that story would be very boring (basically it would just be me sitting there for three loops and done).  So I’m going to talk about my first actual time riding.

It was at Garrod farms (where I still ride) and we didn’t actually plan for me to ride that day in December.  I had signed up several weeks ago and we had to be put on the waiting list, and it wasn’t planned for us to to join until February.  But since we had gone up every week, we had caught the attention of the instructor, Christina, who would teach me, and she let us in early.

I was placed on a muddy little short liver chestnut horse with a spot on his blaze.  I didn’t know his name.  “Now give him a big ol’ kick and lead him down to the arena,” the trainee who had just taught me to go, stop and turn said, pointing to the covered arena.  I rode him down to the arena.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing yet, but it was just wonderful sitting on that horse.

After a bit into the ride, the horse’s originally smooth gait became jarry and uncomfortable.  Christina called me over and said , “You jogged, Ivana!  Well how did you like it?”  I tried halting the horse so I could properly reply but he wouldn’t.

“Say whoa.  Sometimes when you pull back, the horse will just think that you’re just telling them to slow down,” Christina explained, “You know those western movies where they lean back really far?”

I nodded.  “Well, you’re leaning forward.  Well that tells a horse to speed up, that’s what made him jog.”

And now I don’t quite remember what happened after that because all those memories were overwhelmed by the joy of sitting on a horse.

After the lesson, I learned that the horse was called Chevy.  He was a sweet pony for my first ride and did everything I had asked me, as well as ignore everything I was doing wrong.  What I didn’t know was that this one short and fat pony would teach me whole more than just to trot.

Horsey Q&A with Dyvergent and Dakino

How is it going, everyone? It’s Dyvergent, and Dakino and I made another horse Q&A for you guys to see!

If your horse could talk what would they say? What would they be like?

Warren’ll probably be all like, “Do we have to do this?”  And then be like, “WHY”  And then go all like, “HEY LOOK ITS ANOTHER PONY!”


If you were a horse, what would you look like (color, markings, etc), what discipline would you do, and what would you be like to ride?

Haha I’d probably be a little buckskin horse.  I would probably do like hunters or something like that.  But then when I don’t want to do something I’d probably just not do it.  And I’d be like treat-crazy.

I’d want to be like a big, fat grey percheron that was ridden for english for fun or as a school horse (for advance riders so I don’t get my mouth tugged on) or I’d want to be like a black Hanoverian or something and jump. I don’t know. Or maybe a western school horse. Haha. I’m really willing to do whatever as long as I’m not a racehorse.

How many barns have you ridden at?


Two. I’ve ridden at a third once with my friend, but I never took formal lessons or anything there. I just rode a horse there once because I was hanging out where she rides.

What kind of bay do you prefer? (bright bay, blood bay, etc)

I love bright bays, they’re just so pretty.

I don’t really like the dark bays. So I guess like bright bays and like regular bays that aren’t dark or bright.

Can you braid a horse’s mane? Tail?

No.  I’ve tried.

I can only braid tails. I make other people do manes for me.

Do you believe that you have to fall off in order to be a good rider?

Nope.  I find this very untrue.

I mean. Yeah. You know you’re experienced. But you can be a good rider without falling. Even a really good Youtuber who rides and jumps and everything said I was a good rider before I had my first fall. And it wasn’t even like getting thrown off of anything. I slid off the side and landed on my feet. So technically you can consider that not as a fall. Technically. And yet everyone I know says I’m a really good rider still.

What do you think is more important: eq or effective riding?

Effective riding.  Because it’s more important to get your horse moving correctly.  And to some degree you need to have good eq to be an effective rider because the way you use/position your body affects the horse’s movement a lot.

Wait. You mean EQ by what? Haha. I’m like brainfarting right now. But I think you should have effective riding over EQ. (Dakino just refreshed my sleepy mind what EQ is) Like if your horse is just like WEEEEEE LETS RUN AROUND LIKE CRAZY AND IGNORE OUR RIDER you would need to ride effectively or you’re gonna like die and get trampled or something. (I think I exaggerated) but I mean EQ is a huge factor of effective riding, so I guess you could say they’re equal? IDK right now.

Are there any “horse couples” at your barn?

Kass and Prima used to be a couple but Prima moved away 😦

Kass and Prima were such an adorable couple. But Prima’s gone 😥

Favorite treat to feed your horse?

Carrots because I’m boring 🙂  And because Warren loves them.

It’s fun feeding Warren carrots with Ivana.

Silly quirks your horse has.

Warren has too many quirks to list…  Warren likes drawing in dirt, spitting water on people, and pretending he’s free-lunging you.

Can I call Chuck-E my horse or something? If so, he has a lip quiver that happens when he’s falling asleep. It’s really cute.

Strangest thing you’ve fed your horse.

I haven’t fed Warren anything strange 😛

I gave Cookie a chocolate chip Cookie. Does that count as my horse?

Have you ever made any horse friends through the internet?

Hi Dyvergent… and Maya….

Ivana and Maya ❤ If I didn’t meet them that way, I’d have met them from lessons and summer camp anyways. Haha.

Would you buy horse furniture?

No.  As much as I love horses, horse furniture doesn’t look right. 😛  But I would buy like small little accessories but not some full out horsey-couch cover.

Nah, I’ll pass. I mean sure if it’s like a horse painting. But I don’t want like pillows with horses stitched all on them on my couch or something. And I wouldn’t use a saddle rack as decoration haha.

Funniest horsey moment

We were just riding in the Pony arena and minding our own business when suddenly the sprinkler turned on.  We saw Nicoya (this tall bay horse) flapping his lips next to it.  He had turned on the sprinkler.

Haha I don’t really know. Like seriously I can’t even remember. OH. My friend Aarya was riding Smokey in a lesson a long time ago (before I met her and knew she was friends with my friend) and we were in line and he literally just laid down in the middle of the arena while she was sitting on him.

What’s a moment with horses that you wished you caught on camera?

I don’t have that many moments that I could want to catch with a camera because I don’t have any super special moments.  But I really wish I had a video of me riding my first camp horse, Star.

That one time when I fell off Wiz. I mean it was my first fall, and I wanted to see what it looked like. Haha. Even though it was a really lame fall. and I just slipped while loping. Or even just riding Elko. 

How young was the youngest horse you’ve met?

Probably like 2 years old.

I met a few three to six month old Gypsy Vanner colts and fillies who were the cutest things ever. They were all just so sweet and adorable.

How old was the oldest horse you’ve met?

I don’t know.  I knew a horse that was really old but I never learned his age.

I think this horse Blackjack who lived at the first ranch I rode at. He was like 41 when I met him, and he was still really happy doing camps. He apparently even jumped out of his pasture that year to do camp. He was a sweetie.

Opinion on colorful tack? (like red or blue)

Not the biggest fan of it.  But a aqua blue bridle would look cute on a black horse.

I don’t really like colorful tack. Seriously.. I like those classic colors like if you’re an english rider, ride with either a brown or black saddle. I don’t really like seeing people riding in like pink saddles or something. It kinda looks just- weird.

Have you ever tried horse treats? Hay?

Never horse treats but I’ve tried hay before though.  It doesn’t taste like anything.

Haha. No 😦 But I wanna try hay. I mean it’s just grass and flowers if you’re eating alfalfa hay. It’s not like it would kill you if you ate it.

Have you ever felt like giving up on a horse?

Well, once sort of for about 20 minutes when I was free-lunging Prima and she just wouldn’t listen whatsoever.  But it was over really quickly because our ride was really awesome 🙂

I mean, not really yet. I can’t really explain stuff like this well.

Tell the story about the horse that you first felt “click” immediately with you (and if you can’t remember, most recent ;))

I haven’t really ridden a horse I immediately clicked with.  We will always have something to work out.

Elko. We really did click. He was super duper responsive to me and didn’t try to run off with me or anything. He was this huge factor in my riding life.

Ever ridden side-saddle? How was it?

No.  I’ve like sat with my other leg hooked over the horn but that’s as close to side-saddle as I will get.

Haha I haven’t. But it looks hard. Like how do people jump side-saddle. HOW? Especially if you did it on a Garrod’s horse who knows only how to not throw you off. Sometimes. DEFINITELY don’t do side saddle on Utah. I think he’s got the smallest brain of all the horses I know.

Most interesting place you’ve ridden at.

Haha around a pond?  There aren’t really interesting areas to ride at Garrod Farms.

I mean I’ve only ridden at ranches in arenas or at Garrods’ trails. So I guess I could say the trails because it’s really pretty and peaceful?

What kind of horse to you like? (sport, stock, endurance, etc)

I don’t really know.  I kind of like sport horses though.

I really like all of them. They all have certain qualities I really like.

Do you feel like you have more patience with horses than people?


Yes. OMG. Totally I do.

Is the horse you ride very vocal?

Only to food… and sources of food.

Well I mean I ride different horses every week and I really don’t know.

Ever ridden in the sunset?

No… maybe someday but Garrod’s sunsets aren’t that pretty since its the same height as the other mountains next to it so the sunsets are basically: you see the sun, the sun goes bye bye.

No. :/

How do you like a horse’s mane? (roached, pulled, long, etc)

I like it long.

I like it long and natural. I don’t really like how Warren’s mane is on horses typically. But I’m getting used to it. (Warren rocks the mane though)

What is your dream name for a horse?

I don’t really have a dream name for a horse but Snickers is a super cute name.

Haha well IDK. I used to be obsessed with the name Skye before for some reason but I really don’t want to have a horse named Skye now…But if I had like a Haflinger I’d want to name him Simon. I think its a really cute name for a Haflinger ❤

10.5 Meet up!

So basically me (Ivana) and Dyvergent met up (finally, after forever).  So basically Dyvergent had her lesson (which I didn’t film).  Then we went down to the pasture to get Warren (my lease horse) and ride him!  I didn’t have a lesson that day.  Then we took him down to a little arena to let him loose and then let him graze.  Here’s a little video:

Horse Tag – Dakino/Ivana

I should just change my name to Ivana :P.  Sorry that it’s all tags… people probably don’t read our blog anyways we don’t have any post ideas.  So here’s the tag that Dyvergent did earlier and now it’s my turn.

This or That

1. Western or english? 

     I want to do both! 😉

2. colorful tack or classic?

     Classic.  But I have a weird thing for blue bridles on black horses.

3. Bareback or with a saddle?

     If I got enough practiced I’d probably love bareback.

4. Stock horse or sport horse?

       Sport horses

5. Greenie or push button?

     If I had to choose between the two and couldn’t just pick half/half I would pick push button.

6. Ring work or trail?

     I’ve never gone on a super fun trail ride so ring work for now.

7. Shod or barefoot?

     Depends on the horse.  Barefoot if the horse can.

8. Local county fair or rated show?

     I don’t exactly show.

9. Recreational or competitive?


10. Chestnut or bay?


Your Opinion On…

11. Racing?

     I don’t like it the most because often times just to get the horse to race they’ll take all the short cuts in training, they don’t thoroughly train the horses and drugs are involved and they don’t really care about the manners and so many horses are just sent to the slaughter house afterwards since the owner doesn’t care about a horse that doesn’t earn them money.

12. Drugging? (for non medical purposes)


13. Proper age to start a horse?

     Depends on the horse and their temperment

14. Natural horsemanship?

     There has been a lot of stuff going around.  I don’t like the “natural horsemanship” where you see a horse lying on its back and the person sitting on it’s stomach like, that’s not natural for the horse to be lying in that direction.

15. breed debates?


Have You Ever?

16. Cantered bareback?

     Can I at least ride bareback first.

17. Rode tackless?


18. Jumped over 3ft?

     Nope :/

19. Competed in rodeo?


20. Fallen off?


21. Doubled with someone?

     No but I want to try it. < (in answer to Dyvergent’s answer we should haha kidding ;))

22. Had a bad riding accident?


23. Lost a horse?


24. Sold a horse?


25. Taught a lesson?

     No I would be terrible.

26. Trained a horse/owned something really green?


27. Watched a mare give birth?

     It’s on my bucket list!

28. Galloped in an open field?

     Another thing to do at some point in my life.

29. done vaulting?


30. been to the Olympics or any other high level equestrian competition?


Fill In the Blank

31. I have been riding for almost 3 years.

32. My discipline of choice is …    since I would love to be able to ride multiple disciplines

33. Favorite breeds are registered paints, rocky mountain horses, thoroughbreds, irish sports horses, and quarter horses…and fjords and fresians.

35. The horse I ride is Warren.

36. The equestrian I look up to is my trainer

37. My favorite thing about riding and owning horses is being around them.

38. My best riding memory is …    I don’t know.  I’ve had so many good memories.

39. My worst riding memory is falling off Warren.

40. My ultimate goal as an equestrian is own a horse and ride both english and western “fluently”

Well… here it is.  I wrote this way back but I’m on vacation and didn’t get around to posting it so here it is.  Well, Dyvergent and I have been thinking about post ideas.  We’ll try to get something up, okay?  (The lies I tell you.)

Horse Tag- Dyvergent

Okay, so I found Horse Tag questions… and I was bored so I figured, eh, why not just answer them? So I decided to. All exclusive to this blog 😀 I have not and will not post this on any of my other blogs. (PS I’ll try to get Dakino to do this to)

This or That

1. Western or english?

     Both. I want to start riding english more, after trying it once.

2. colorful tack or classic?


3. Bareback or with a saddle?


4. Stock horse or sport horse?

       Stock. But sport horses are awesome too.

5. Greenie or push button?

     In between. He/she should listen to you but also challenge you.

6. Ring work or trail?


7. Shod or barefoot?

     Doesn’t matter. Preferably Barefoot.

8. Local county fair or rated show?

     I don’t show.

9. Recreational or competitive?


10. Chestnut or bay?


Your Opinion On…

11. Racing?

     I’m not a huge fan, the horses should be treated well and cared for after races.          It’s sad to hear that a horse was injured/killed from racing, or sold to slaughterhouses after their careers. They are also really young when they’re started for racing.

12. Drugging? (for non medical purposes)

     Horses shouldn’t be drugged for reasons that are not medical. They are living creatures too, like us humans and should be able to live life how they naturally are.

13. Proper age to start a horse?

     Depends on the breed, probably at around 4 or 5.

14. Natural horsemanship?

     I honestly still don’t really know what it is haha.

15. breed debates?

     What’s that?

Have You Ever?

16. Cantered bareback?

     I want to ride bareback in general first.

17. Rode tackless?

     I haven’t even ridden bareback yet. xD

18. Jumped over 3ft?

     I ride western, and I’ve only ridden english once in my life, so not yet.

19. Competed in rodeo?


20. Fallen off?

     Yes, only twice when I lost balance while loping a mare and was in an awkward position while vaulting.

21. Doubled with someone?

     No but I want to try it.

22. Had a bad riding accident?

     Not yet.

23. Lost a horse?

     Not yet.

24. Sold a horse?


25. Taught a lesson?

     I only take lessons.

26. Trained a horse/owned something really green?


27. Watched a mare give birth?

     On youtube, I have. But not in real life.

28. Galloped in an open field?

     I wish I could. There’s not really many fields where I ride.

29. done vaulting?

 30. been to the Olympics or any other high level equestrian competition?

     No, I haven’t been to any equestrian competition.

Fill In the Blank

31. I have been riding for almost 3 years.

32. My discipline of choice is western, since I haven’t really ridden english yet.

33. Favorite breeds are Paints, Percherons, Arabians, Friesians, any other draft breeds.

35. The horse I ride is owned by Garrod Farms. I ride their lesson horses.

36. The equestrian I look up to is either my instructor or Stacy Westfall

37. My favorite thing about riding and owning horses is being around them and having their company.

38. My best riding memory is getting first place for CA speed barrels at my first play day.

39. My worst riding memory is riding Cisco for the first time and not knowing how to control him.

40. My ultimate goal as an equestrian is to become more advanced and skilled and hopefully lease/own in the future.